Friday, February 21, 2014

New stuff

Oh dear, I'm neglecting my blog again. Apologies, dear readers, there was a death in my family, and I just haven't felt much like updating.

A bit of good news, though. After finishing my princess commissions, I soon had another request. This one was for a Game of Thrones RPG character. It was a little different working from a written description, but I truly enjoyed painting her.
Only one WIP shot adding definition to her braid 
Oh wow, guys, I'm terrible at photographing art....anyway, the finished piece!
And there you have it. I'm super excited to be sending her on her way soon. Paintings really are so much nicer in person.

I've been doing a lot of experimenting in my personal studio time...I get really hung up on finding that sweet spot where a piece looks finished, usually because I hate painting backgrounds. (I'm really much too impatient to be an artist.) I've been working on ways to eliminate extra negative space, and babies, cut-outs are the way to go.
mixed media on wood
I'm really quite pleased with the composition. The shape of the panel keeps the piece looking elegant without forcing me to create an extremely fussy background. It allows me to focus my energy on the foreground without becoming bored. I think I'll be trying a few more of these in some different mediums. I haven't touch acrylics in months...could prove interesting!

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